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Why I Might Not Finish This Project

     In March, I became a certified personal trainer. That never panned out because of the pandemic. I did start working on a one month workout plan, but never finished. I created quite a few workouts (over a dozen) when it was my goal to create a one month workout guide. 

    However, I became unmotivated after a couple of months and never finished my project. Part of this was lack of motivation and part of this was boredom. I'm not good at following a workout plan for more than a few weeks most of the time. That's why I plan each week at a time. I also like to try new workouts and find that what works for me one week might not work for me the next week because of my schedule. My work schedule changes almost every week because of my childcare job.

     In addition, I have to admit that although I attended webinars in March about becoming an online personal trainer, being on camera is not my thing. I would rather work with clients in person and not be in charge of selling anything to people online. I'm not comfortable with working with people at a gym in person right now though because of the pandemic. I also can't afford to join a gym right now because I'm only working part time. So for now, I will motivate/ cheer on other people on Instagram. 

Side note: This might sound like excuses why I didn't finish a project I started. It sort of is, but I wanted to share it to be real with everyone. Sometimes life happens and we don't accomplish our goals. Sometimes we have to focus on other goals and sometimes we just need to pause on our goals until the opportunity is right to pursue them. 


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