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How I'm Furthering My Education Since Becoming a Personal Trainer

     Since becoming a certified personal trainer in March, I have had extra time on my hands. Three weeks to be exact. This has given me time to take multiple classes. I’m actually almost done with my recertification classes that aren’t due for two more years.
                This is what I have been working on lately:

1. I took a couple of classes about becoming an online personal trainer.
                The day after I became certified, I watched a webinar by NPE called How To Lead Your Business through COVID-19. This workshop talked about how to move your fitness business online as gyms were starting to get closed throughout the country. I also took a 3 day masterclass called How to Transition to Online Fitness Coaching by Amanda O’Mara on Facebook. It gave me a lot of ideas and tools I could use to start a new business. Right now I’m just not sure if I want to start a business. I’m still trying to decide.

2. I have finished almost 4 recertification classes.
                Even though I don’t have to take recertification classes for 2 years, I decided to get started early since I have so much time on my hands.
                I knew I didn’t want to spend very much money so I started with a free class from NASM called Mental Toughness. Then, I bought a core training workshop from NASM. I finished both of those within a few days of each other. After that, I found two more free classes. One is called How to Build Your Marketing Muscle by Fitness Mentors and the one I am currently working on is called Self Myofascial Release/ Foam Roller certification by FiTour. 
                If you are looking for inexpensive recertification classes, I would recommend taking workshops from NASM, Fitness Mentors, FiTour, or looking for free NASM CEU's. But if you are looking to specialize in something like corrective exercise, for example, find a discount on NASM's website. There is almost always a discount for certification programs NASM offers throughout the year. 


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