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What Helped Me Meet My Goals This Year

     This year, I was able to meet several of my goals. These are people/groups that helped me do it:

1. First of all, I set goals in 5 areas of my life using a goal setting video Yoga with Kassandra on Youtube made. 

Kassandra Reinhardt
   This video helped me celebrate victories from 2018 while setting goals in five different areas of my life for 2019. I thought it was super inspiring because it didn't just focus on health and fitness goals. It also focused on having goals for relationships, creativity, and spirituality. If you would like to watch this video and see what I mean, search for Yoga with Kassandra's Year End Review & Goal Setting Session on Youtube. She also has fun yoga workouts on her channel as well.

2. I joined a Facebook group called the Debt Dump Challenge to help me stick to my student loan pay off goal for the year. 

     In November 2018, I found out about a Facebook support group called the Debt Dump Challenge which was made by people who are from Boise, Idaho and go to my church. I don't really know how I found it, but I'm glad I did. It inspired me to set a goal higher than what I had the year before. And by May, I was able to reach my goal. Now I'm about $600 past my goal thanks to this group.

Amberlee Rich 
     The main couple who started this challenge actually paid off the rest of their mortgage ($47,000) in a year. They are super inspirational. Amberlee Rich even has her own blog where she shares tips to save money. Her website is There is even a section that shows the results of the Debt Dump Challenge. I think it is super neat to see how much other people paid off in one year.

3. A writing Meetup inspired me to start both of my blogs. 

     Last year, towards the end of the year, I started going to a Meet Up called Write Who You Are. It encouraged me to write about what my dreams are in life. I was only able to attend the group twice before the Meetup ended, but it inspired me to start two different blogs- ABCTE Teacher and Fitness and Books.

4. Fitness Meetups and Fitness Youtube channels motivated me to meet my fitness goals. 

Lauren Lee (Inner Rebel)
This year, I got the opportunity to join two different fitness meetups. The first one I got the opportunity to try was Inner Rebel. This Meetup was a hiking/meditation Meetup and it was so inspirational. Lauren Lee had an affirmation for all of us at the beginning of the hike and an amazing meditation at the end of the hike.Lauren also has meditations on Insight Timer and partners with other amazing women in the community to host different events on the weekends.
Molly Marques (Goal Forward)
The other fitness Meetup I tried was Goal Forward. This was a Meetup where we did a hiit (high intensity interval training) workout at a local park. It was fun, but challenging. I was able to go twice before it got too cold to attend. I can't wait until this one starts up again. And like Lauren, Molly makes inspirational posts on Instagram and is a health coach. Her Instagram handle is goal_forward if you want to check her out.
       Also, throughout the year, I participated in several fitness challenges created by Love Sweat Fitness, Jessica Smith TV, and Weight Endurance on Youtube. Most recently, I joined a 21 mindfulness challenge Womeness on Instagram created that focused on gratitude, meditation, and creating a habit to either sleep 7-8 hours a day or drink 75 oz of water a day.

Katie Dunlop (Love Sweat Fitness)
Jessica Smith (Jessica Smith TV)

Jennifer (Weight Endurance) 
Genevieve Nutting-Howarth (Womeness)

     Because of both the Meetups and health/fitness challenges, I was able to meet my goal of working out 3-5 days a week and had fun doing it. I also have been using meditation as a tool more. 
       I honestly couldn't have been as successful at meeting my goals this year without these people and several more I didn't mention. There have been so many people who inspired me this year and helped me with a lot of different things.
     If you have questions about anything I wrote about, including how I met my financial goals, let me know. I would love to share more about how I met my goals this year with you.


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