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How I Save Time Planning My Meals for the Week

     If you are anything like me, you like to plan out your meals so you know what you are going to eat and like to save money. However, you might feel like meal planning will take too much time. That is why I thought I would share how I meal plan with you. Here is how I do it:  1. To save time, I only plan 3 dinner meals & 1 Sunday breakfast meal each week.       I used to plan 7 dinner meals every week, but I found that it was tedious and time consuming. Instead, I plan 3 meals and buy a few easy to cook meals like frozen dinners, soups, salads, etc. That way, I don't spend a lot of time planning and cooking 7 meals a week. 2. For the other meals (breakfast and lunch), I buy similar things each week.       Because I buy similar things every week for breakfast and lunch, I just check the fridge and pantry to make sure I have enough bread, cereal, snacks, etc. That way, I don't have to plan very much. 3. After I decide what 3 dinner dinner meals and Sunday break