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Tips to Reduce Migraines

Here are some suggestions my nutritionist gave me to reduce the amount of migraines I had recently:

1. I was given a list of possible migraine triggers people can have. 

     This included several things including gluten, dairy, nitrates, peanuts, chocolate, caffeine, and sugar. This was an overwhelming list so I decided to focus on avoiding the main triggers my nutritionist recommended to avoid- gluten and dairy.

2. I was given a list of things that could help me. 

     This included taking fish oil, magnesium, and drinking 80 ounces of water a day. There were more supplements like riboflavin on the list, but I didn't want to start taking too many new supplements at a time.

3.I started a food journal. 

     I ended up writing down my food for almost 3 months in a food journal and checked in occasionally with my nutritionist to discuss the results.

     By doing this, I found out that most of the time if I ate gluten, I would get a migraine within a few days. And sometimes dairy triggered me, but not all of the time. I also found out there were other factors that affected whether I got a migraine or not like stress, hormones, and air pressure.

     I would definitely recommend keeping a food journal if you have migraines to try to figure out what might be triggering them for you.

Note: Not everyone is the same so migraine triggers will be different for everyone and not everyone's problem will be solved by changing their diet. Please see a doctor if your migraines are getting worse. They can evaluate you to determine if you need medicine or any other further medical treatment.


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