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How I Recently Lost 15 lbs

     Because it is normally hard for me to lose weight, I thought I would share how I lost 15 lbs recently (since April).      This is my backstory:       In 2012, I gained 25 lbs and was at my highest weight at 160 lbs. Gradually, I lost 10 lbs through eating healthier and exercising. However, after awhile, I couldn't lose any more weight. That is why I went to see a nutritionist at the end of March.      When I went to see a nutritionist in March, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know whether she could help me, but I wanted to lose 5-10 pounds to be healthier.      During my appointment, I was skeptical of what the nutritionist recommended. I already ate dairy free (mostly) because I have digestion issues with it so I was fine with that recommendation. What I was skeptical of was her recommendation to eat gluten free. She recommended it to me because I have hypothyroidism so I thought I would try it.      As I began to eat gluten free, it actually worked for