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What Helped Me Meet My Goals This Year

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How I Save Time Planning My Meals for the Week

If you are anything like me, you like to plan out your meals so you know what you are going to eat and like to save money. However, you might feel like meal planning will take too much time. That is why I thought I would share how I meal plan with you.

Here is how I do it: 

1. To save time, I only plan 3 dinner meals & 1 Sunday breakfast meal each week. 

     I used to plan 7 dinner meals every week, but I found that it was tedious and time consuming. Instead, I plan 3 meals and buy a few easy to cook meals like frozen dinners, soups, salads, etc. That way, I don't spend a lot of time planning and cooking 7 meals a week.

2. For the other meals (breakfast and lunch), I buy similar things each week. 

     Because I buy similar things every week for breakfast and lunch, I just check the fridge and pantry to make sure I have enough bread, cereal, snacks, etc. That way, I don't have to plan very much.

3. After I decide what 3 dinner dinner meals and Sunday breakfast I want …

Why I'm Not Trying to Lose Weight Right Now

There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight if you are overweight or want to look more toned if you are already at a healthy weight. I actually wouldn’t mind if I lost more weight or had more defined abs. But I’m not focused on losing any more weight right now. 
Here is why:

     Right now, I am 5’4 and weigh 140 lbs which is a healthy weight for someone my height. I could try to lose more weight or try to lower my body fat percentage to look better. However, I don’t want to focus on losing any more weight right now. That is something I was focused on (and was at times obsessed with) for several years and I would rather focus on being healthy right now since I am at my goal weight.
What I’m Focusing On Instead: Instead of trying to have a perfect body, I am focusing on being healthy. I do this by eating healthy food and working out 3-6 times a week.

Why I'm Writing About This: I am writing about this to inspire other people to be more body positive and focus more on maintain…

Tips to Reduce Migraines

Here are some suggestions my nutritionist gave me to reduce the amount of migraines I had recently:

1. I was given a list of possible migraine triggers people can have. 

     This included several things including gluten, dairy, nitrates, peanuts, chocolate, caffeine, and sugar. This was an overwhelming list so I decided to focus on avoiding the main triggers my nutritionist recommended to avoid- gluten and dairy.

2. I was given a list of things that could help me. 

     This included taking fish oil, magnesium, and drinking 80 ounces of water a day. There were more supplements like riboflavin on the list, but I didn't want to start taking too many new supplements at a time.

3.I started a food journal. 

     I ended up writing down my food for almost 3 months in a food journal and checked in occasionally with my nutritionist to discuss the results.

     By doing this, I found out that most of the time if I ate gluten, I would get a migraine within a few days. And sometimes dairy t…

How I Currently Plan My Workouts

When I'm not following a workout plan or completing a workout challenge, I plan my own workouts every Sunday.

Here is how I do it: 

1. Since I have followed Love Sweat Fitness for a few years, I usually use the model Katie uses in the Hot Body Sweat Guide for my weekly workout schedule. Monday is leg day, Wednesday is arms and abs, Friday is total body, and the days in between (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) are cardio days if I have time.
     Using this model (or doing my own thing sometimes),  I look for workouts I want to do each day on Youtube and make playlists so they are ready for me to play on my tv.

For example,

-This is my workout from last Monday.

2. I write down the workouts in my journal and check them off as I go.

-For me, writing down my workouts keeps me accountable. However, I don't get upset if I don't do all of the workouts I planned because life happens. Sometimes I only have enough time to workout three days a week and that is okay.

My Inventory of Workout Guides and Meal Plans

Here is a little bit of information about the inventory of workout guides and meal plans I have:

1. Blogilates

The first guide I bought from Blogilates was the New Body Make Over meal plan.I loosely followed this in college when I needed to lose weight. guides I bought by Cassey Ho included her book Hot Body Year Round and PIIT 1.0. PIIT 1.0 sounded like a fun guide to try because I followed her on Youtube, but I never tried it because it involves jumping and I couldn't figure out how to make it apartment friendly. 2. Love Sweat Fitness have two workout guides (Hot Body Sweat Guide 1.0 and 2.0), a meal plan (The Hot Body Meal Plan), and a couple of recipe guides including the Guiltless Nutrition Lifestyle and Recipe Book and the first Guiltless Nutrition Guide (not pictured) Katie Dunlop came out with. I have done the Hot Body Sweat Guide 1.0 a few times, but didn’t finish 2.0 …

How I Recently Lost 15 lbs

Because it is normally hard for me to lose weight, I thought I would share how I lost 15 lbs recently (since April).

     This is my backstory:

      In 2012, I gained 25 lbs and was at my highest weight at 160 lbs. Gradually, I lost 10 lbs through eating healthier and exercising. However, after awhile, I couldn't lose any more weight. That is why I went to see a nutritionist at the end of March.
     When I went to see a nutritionist in March, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know whether she could help me, but I wanted to lose 5-10 pounds to be healthier.
     During my appointment, I was skeptical of what the nutritionist recommended. I already ate dairy free (mostly) because I have digestion issues with it so I was fine with that recommendation. What I was skeptical of was her recommendation to eat gluten free. She recommended it to me because I have hypothyroidism so I thought I would try it.
     As I began to eat gluten free, it actually worked for me wit…